Tubular Fuck

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Tubular Fuck
Background information
OriginUnited States
GenresNoise music, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Years active2018-present
Associated actsCrimson Inferno
Current membersHunt P.
Jacob Deceuninck
See members section for past members

Tubular Fuck is a Noise music band formed in 2018. It currently consists of Hunt P. and Jacob Deceuninck, the group originally was comprised of 4 members before 2 leaving due to lack of interest.


Current Members

  • Hunt P. - Noise Producer (2018-present)
  • Jacob Deceuninck - Bassist, Rhythm/Lead Guitarist (2020, 2021-present)

Past Members

  • Isaac J. White - Rhythm Guitarist (2020)
  • Ian Krill - Drummer (2020)