The Master's Call

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The Master's Call is a song from Marty Robbins's 1959 album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs.


This song follows the story of a young outlaw and is told in the first person. He first states how he ran away from home when was a young man. After running away he joined a gang of outlaws. One night they were stealing a herd of cattle and were going to smuggle them to Mexico. While they were stealing, a lightning storm broke out. The narrator also points out that he believes he hears someone calling his name, but he is unsure. The narrator then states that 20 yards from him, lightning strikes a tree and leaves a cross instead of a tree. The narrator then accounts hearing the voice again. The narrator immediately began feeling remorse for his sins, and the horse we was riding on begins running out of fear and throws the narrator to the ground. On the ground the narrator gets a bad feeling that death is soon to follow, and then due to another strike of lightning he can see the face of Jesus Christ in the sky. The narrator begins repenting out of fear and remorse.