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JohnQ Wiki Ranks are a rank structure inspired by the Wikipedia Incremental service awards. You can rank up by getting more edits.

List of ranks[edit]

Name Insignia Amount of edits
Inceptos Editor Inceptos Editor insignia.svg 1
Inceptos Editor, 1st Class Inceptos Editor 1st Class insignia.svg 100
Novitius Editor Novitius Editor insignia.svg 250
Opus Editor Opus Editor insignia.svg 500
Opus Editor, 1st Class Opus Editor 1st Class insignia.svg 800
Ordinus Editor Ordinus Editor insignia.svg 1000
Ordinus Editor, 3rd Class Ordinus Editor 3rd Class insignia.svg 1250
Ordinus Editor, 2nd Class Ordinus Editor 2nd Class insignia.svg 1500
Ordinus Editor, 1st Class Ordinus Editor 1st Class insignia.svg 1750
Magnus Editor Magnus Editor insignia.svg 2500
Magnus Editor, 1st Class Magnus Editor 1st Class insignia.svg 3000
Dominus Editor Dominus Editor insignia.svg 5000