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The Einheitspakt, also known as the Unity-Pakt in international circles, is a military and economic alliance that consists of the Greater Germanic Reich's puppets, clients and allies. The key objective of the Unity-Pakt is to maintain Germany's sphere of influence, while also preventing rival factions from expanding. Members of the Unity-Pakt trade with other members, and neutral nations.

Member States[edit]

Flag Member State
German Reich
GGR.png Greater Germanic Reich
Flag of Ireland.svg Republic of Ireland
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Kingdom of Bulgaria
State flag of Iran (1964–1980).svg Imperial State of Iran
Flag of Sweden.svg Kingdom of Sweden
Flag of Finland.png Republic of Finland
Burgundy.png SS State of Burgundy
England 2.png Kingdom of England
Flag of Philippe Pétain, Chief of State of Vichy France.svg French State
Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Republic of Brittany
Flag of Denmark.svg Kingdom of Denmark
Flag of Slovakia (1939–1945).svg Slovak Republic
Flag of Yugoslavia (1918–1941).svg Serbian Republic