Daniel Maloney

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Daniel Lawrence Maloney
1st President of the Dan Republic
Assumed office
25 June 2020
Vice PresidentJared L. Johnson
Preceded byOffice Established
Personal details
Born28 March 2000
CitizenshipDan Republic, United States.
ResidenceFrisco, TX

Daniel Lawrence Maloney (born 28 March 2000) is the first and current president of the Dan Republic. He has come under criticism from the community for a multitude of reasons, see controversy below.


Maloney has received criticism in the community, more recently due to his doxxing of Isaac J. White, an underage micronationalist.[1][2] This lead to Dan's microwiki account (Dan17) being banned from the website.[3] Dan attempted to evade this ban under the account "Cessnafan".[4] This account was later banned by a wiki admin. Dan has also previously attempted in the past to gather the IP addresses of numerous other discord users and individuals.[5][6][7] Maloney himself has tried to circumvent the consequences of these actions by either claiming that he "regretted it" or placing said blame on those who he assisted such as the Fascist Seldavia Reich.[8]