Dan Republic

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Dan Republic
Flag of the Dan Republic.svg.pngCoat of arms of the Dan Republic.svg.png

"For the Dan Republic"
O Canada
Beaver Island Archipelago
Capital cityJaredgrad
Largest cityJaredgrad
GovernmentLiberal Democracy (presumed)
- PresidentDaniel Maloney
- Vice PresidentJared L. Johnson
Established25 June 2020
CurrencyUSD, DRD
Time zoneEastern US Time

The Dan Republic, also abbreviated as DR and formerly known as the Dan Army Republic, is a micronation that was planned in late 2018 and founded on 25 June 2020 by its first and current president, Daniel Lawrence Maloney, in protest of Donald J. Trump, who was the sitting president of the United States from 2017 to 2021.



The idea of the Dan Republic was first conceived in 2018 by the current president, Daniel Maloney, under the name Dan Army. It at its hight had over somewhere around 500 members. Daniel would later start working on plans to start his micronation in the last part of his junior year of high school. On the 25 June 2020, Daniel had declared the Dan Republic independent from the United States. Later, Daniel would then declare that the Dan Republic would become a virtual micronation on Garry's Mod as stated in an apology video to the Micronational Assembly.[1] Exactly 21 days afterwards, Daniel redeclared that the Dan Republic would reestablish its real world claims.[2]

Criticism & Controversy[edit]

The Dan Republic has come under scrutiny from numerous members of the micronational community, primarily due to it using Nerf guns within its military, now phased out of use. The Dan Republic has also been criticized for its leader, Daniel Maloney, being unprofessional, in addition to the so-called hypocrisy of the Dan Republic's government; for example, the Dan Republic has condemned forms of fascism, specifically Nazism, and then aligned itself with far-right micronations such as the State of Argentoria and the Fascist Seldavia Reich. [3] [4] Daniel himself has also worked with Seldavia and found out the address of Isaac J. White and threatened to expose White's address publicly.[5][6] As a result, Daniel was banned from using both the Microwiki website and discord server, no legal action has been taken yet against Daniel. The Dan Republic has since publicly cut ties with Seldavia and has exited the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact.[7] Daniel has since then made an apology towards White.

In addition, said Maloney has alleged that the Dan Republic would manufacture operational Nerf tanks, construct a functional airport, establish and maintain a national air force and invade the Democratic Republic of Houseistan, which is located halfway across the United States, in addition to the Dan Republic building nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Which these are Unrealistic.


The government of the Dan Republic is a self-proclaimed liberal democracy despite never proving to have elections within its government, this had led to claims of despotism and dictatorship.