Cameron Koehler

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Cameron Koehler
Koehler in 2021
Cameron Scott Koehler

(2006-09-01) 1 September 2006 (age 14)
Celebration, Florida
EducationRidge Community High School, Westside K-8 School
OccupationHerald, graphic artist, software engineer, programmer, musician
Years active2018-present
EmployerReactive Solutions
Notable work
Aqua, Pinwheel, CameronOS
Military career
AllegianceFlag of the United States.svg United States
Service/branchUSAJROTC-SSI.svg Army AJROTC
Years of service2021-2021 (2 months)
RankAJROTC private infobox.png Cadet private

Cameron Koehler (born Cameron Scott Koehler; 1 September 2006) is an American herald, graphic artist, software engineer & programmer, and CEO of Reactive Solutions, a software company. He is the former COO at RainDrop Technology after resignation on 29 February 2019 and was most notable for creating CameronOS; an operating system created entirely in BASIC and C#. He is also noted for creating Aqua; a reliant programming language that he created on Python, and for creating Pinwheel, a 2D video game engine written in C#.

As a teenager, Koehler quickly picked up batch programming through CMD. He later started learning developing scripts, such as Python, and JavaScript. In late 2019, he began experiencing regular manic episodes, one of which led him to having a mental breakdown live on a Twitch live-stream. Never diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he believes he received it as a gene through his mother.

Koehler is a practicing Rastafarianism, while formerly being Catholic. He still believes in many, if not all— catholic teachings. He has expressed significant interest in Anglicanism. He has never been baptized.

Although Koehler remained disgruntled in 2019 due to his episodes, he has claimed that he has regained control, and states that "[that] was a terrible part of my life. I've grown and I'm doing better. Trying, at the least."

Along with his major interest in Rastafarianism, he is also planning to partially emigrate to Jamaica when he becomes an adult. He listens to dancehall and reggae musicians such as Bob Marley, Yellowman, Josey Wales, Barrington Levy, and others. He has both the Ethiopian Empire and Jamaican flag hung in his room.


Cameron makes music under the name 3818, and has released one album—A Compilation of Tragedy. He created a label company called Taxi Records, which both Jack Morris and Aidan McGrath are now also signed to.


Coat of arms of Cameron Scott Koehler
Personal coat of arms of Niko3818.png
30 August 2020
A raven overt proper
Sable a flame proper, on a comble Argent four pellets
Vox populi vox dei (Not present in emblazonment)
Cameron's surname "Koehler" is representative of charcoal burning (hence the black and red color scheme). By using the flame as the primary charge, and the four pellets (charcoal) on the comble - it represents Koehler, his two brothers, and his mother